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As an innovator, you know your biggest challenge is not developing the innovation itself – it’s getting it seen by those who matter.

Online innovation sites are typically cumbersome to use and costly to join, and as static lists they do nothing to actively get your innovation in front of those most likely to be interested in it.

That’s why you need LEO's Global Innovation Platform.

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Your innovation in the world’s only Global Innovation Platform

LEO enables you to put your innovation into the world’s only Global Innovation Platform – a socially enabled online platform that creates a ‘magnet’ between you and thousands of innovation seekers in targeted Network Challenges we’ve custom-built for corporations, Universities and other organisations across the world.

With LEO, you pay nothing to get your innovation permanently on their radar, through online conversations, publications, automatic notifications and updates, and more.

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Why list my innovation in LEO’s Global Innovation Platform?

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Your innovation will be in all the places it’s being looked for, across specific topics, concepts, technologies, or solutions, for key geographies, and many more criteria besides.
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The more you update, the more prominent your innovation becomes in the online publications we produce.
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You’ll never miss out on a timely interaction with an innovation seeker again, thanks to automatic push notifications.

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