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Solving problems of stability for a wide range of proteins in diverse applications

The challenge for conventional growth factors Many proteins, especially growth factors and cytokines, when used as a reagent, degrade quickly, rapidly losing their bioactivity. Additionally, they can also suffer from lot-to-lot product variation. This fragility and variability hampers research and significantly limits the therapeutic potential of proteins.

Protein Micro-depots

Development of a technology that can continuously replenish active protein from a local, microscopic store, has been a significant challenge, but one that could transform the fields of cell culture and medicine by allowing greater control and reproducibility of cell culture.

Introducing PODS®

PODS® is a sustained release system which continuously replenishes proteins from millions of local microscopic stores which can be placed next to (or at a distance from) cells, either randomly or in precise locations. Just like cells, these microdepots release a steady stream of bioactive protein. This protein can be limited to local surroundings or dispersed more widely, or made to form a gradient.

How does it work?

At the heart of PODS® is an extraordinary polyhedrin protein. This specific polyhedrin protein has the unique ability to encase cargo proteins within perfect, transparent, cubic, microsized crystals, much smaller than the cells. These protein crystals form admixtures of the polyhedrin and cargo proteins which slowly degrade, releasing the biologically active cargo protein.

How can PODS® help me achieve my goals?

PODS® are tough and will withstand physical and chemical stress, so you can handle them with ease. PODS® typically release intact cargo protein over several weeks and months. Using PODS® you can readily create a steady-state protein environment in microscopic detail wherever you want, tailored exactly to your requirements. This is the power of PODS® . PODS® proteins are now available for many growth factors and cytokines and are already being used in many leading world-class research labs.

PODS® protein applications include: • Research • Therapeutic • Environmental • Agricultural • Domestic

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