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THE CIRCULAR CENTRE provides industry led solutions for non-toxic sustainable textile manufacturing plus textile waste resource recovery to offer a holistic circular economy system for textiles.

One of the hardest things to do in a circular economy setting is to explain just what we do at the Circular Centre. Australia. Circular Textile Waste Service, and especially for a complicated industry like fashion and garment production where there are so many variables.

So we've produced a "how-to" highlighting the important points for our capability to deliver a holistic circular design system that incorporates everything from textile choices through to recycling, redesign, remanufacturing and even compost solutions.

What's exciting is the capability to easily trace every aspect using smart tech solutions and offer this alongside using a valuable workforce that offers rewarding jobs in many sectors from IT through to resource recovery.

You can print out and share the details on: * circular solutions for textile waste, * zero-waste textiles, * resource recovery, * action on mitigating carbon, chemicals and plastic pollution, * supporting local enterprises and job creation, * advanced e-textiles and smart tech that can be accessed by charities and clothing recyclers nationwide via easy and inexpensive blockchain and cloud solutions, * plus some of the circular streams we use to keep textiles onshore and in a loop to be recycled over and over again.

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