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Vertical Multifloor Aquaponic Farming Technology for Production of Sterile-Clean, 100% Carbon-Neutral BioFuels and Foods, based on the SGBB-Tecnology [ Superfast-Growing (1m/day-Guinness Book) Bamboo Biomass ] for clean direct combustion in Coal PPs or for BioGas, BioMethane/H2

EU could become 100% Carbon-Neutral as soon as in 2030, no need to wait till 2050, if mass-introduce the Superfast-Growing (1m/day) Bamboo-Biomass Technology (SGBB) - capable to produce thousands of tons per Day of Bamboo Biomass, growing indoors, on Shelves, in Vertical Multifloor Aeroponic Farms -, consuming hundreds of tons of CO2, NOx, etc. harmful Gases per Day, perfect for direct Clean Combustion in the Coal-Fired Power Plants, with the same Caloricity as the Lignite Coal - 20MJ/kg, at a Cost, close to Zero - , and as a perfect Raw Material for Anaerobic-Digestion Production of C-Neutral BioFuels as BioGas, Syngas, BioEthanol, BioDiesel, BioMethane - and Green Bio-Hydrogen out of it, at an Extremely Low Cost

SGBB-Technology will stop all imports of fossil fuels, will open millions of new Jobs and will generate Gigantic Revenues for the EU

SGBB is also a perfect Abundant Feed for mass-rearing the BSF Larvae (Hermetia Illucens) - one of the Fastest-Growing Animal Organisms on Earth .

" A black soldier fly larva can consume twice its weight in food each day. On its 14-day journey from hatchling to pupa, a single larva will grow nearly an inch long and increase its weight by a factor of 10,000. That’s akin to an eight-pound baby swelling to the size of a 40-ton humpback whale. " - .

That shocking performance of the enormous BSFL's Appetite raises the problem of enough Feed Supply. Which problem will be fully solved by the Everyday Harvests and Gigantic-Yield Abundance of fresh, V-Farmed Superfast-Growing (One Meter per Day) Bamboo Biomass

Both SGBB & BSFL will grow indoors, on Shelves, in a Vertical Aeroponic Farm, in a fully-controlled, 100% Sealed and Sterile-Clean Tropical Environment with 24h LED Grow Lighting.

BSFL contains twice more Protein (50%) and Fat (39%) than Beef, BUT : Eats 7 times less Feed, Drinks 200 times less Water, Occupies 1,000 times less Area and Emits 2,500 times less Greenhouse Gases per Kilogram Meat produced, compared to Cows - which enormous Methane Emissions raise more and more as a major Environmental Problem

BSFL's Fat is a perfect, Clean & Cheap Raw Material for production of thousands of tons per day of Pure Organic Fuel Oil (OFO) for Compact, Self-lubricated Wankel Engines & Power Generators, 50% Water-Emulsified OFO-Aerosol for extremely powerful & compact Gas Turbines, and for high-class BioDiesel -, derived after a chemical process of Trans-Esterification. 

BSFL is also a perfect Food and Raw Material for highly-nutrient Powders to be used as concentrated Supplements for production of Analog Meats etc. Foods. 

Unfortunaltely BSFL is banned by EU for the moment for applications as a Human Food, because most of the BSFL producers feed it with Organic Waste - supplied even from Sewers ( BSFL are the Champions in converting any kind of organic waste into Protein & Fat ), which carries the enormous Risk of Contamination with various Germs & Diseases. Due to the giant BSFL's appetite, those producers also face all the time the problem with the feed supply insufficiency, because of the scarcity of such huge volumes of organic waste to find & provide for feeding the Larvae. 

In our case however, where BSFL grows in a 100% STERILE-CLEAN V-Farm, and is fed by extremely large everyday yields of 100% STERILE-CLEAN Bamboo Biomass, there is a Zero Chance of any kind of Contamination or Feed Insufficiency.

The team of our company Grainis ltd. Hydrogen Bulgaria believes strongly the SGBB and BSFL Technologies could solve most of the EU's problems as climate changes, pollution, poverty, etc., in a few years, making our Continent the best place to live. 

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