Consumer products for the health and wellness sector

Seeking emerging consumer products for the health and wellness sector

Challenge Description

The client is actively searching for emerging (and soon to become leading) consumer products for the health and  wellness  sector, which  they can initially introduce into Hong  Kong and/or the USA. They  wish to continue their introduction of innovative branded products and partner with smaller companies looking for a foothold in these lucrative markets, ensuring their customer base is offered the widest range of effective and truly innovative early-­‐stage products that have yet to become mainstream. Many consumers are influenced to invest in new products by personal and social recommendations, and recognise the need to improve the elements to ensure a healthy lifestyle and continual well-­‐being.

Key Success Criteria

Products should be demonstrable and intuitive to use but provide a step-­‐change over current offerings. The product  offering  could  include  devices  and/or  consumables,  subscriptions,  digital  interaction,  customised  products, service offerings, etc, but MUST be able to be sold directly to the consumer without ongoing product support. The client is NOT interested in products that are seen as “me-­‐too” devices or commodity products e.g. health supplements in traditional form (pill, capsule, tablet). Commercially, the product / range / brand should: -­‐ - be unexpected, unique and relevant, demonstrable, ground-­‐breaking with the potential to become mainstream - offer a compelling reason to buy, with a unique founder/development story - be a finished end product, not an enabling technology to be integrated into a product - work as represented, legal & safe to use by a consumer with freedom to operate in Hong Kong & USA - have a high perceived value (price can range from low to 100’s of US$ for devices) - be scalable / capability to provide >10,000 units in the next 6-­‐9 months (i.e. ready for manufacture but flexibility on volume ramp-­‐up) be available for distribution in Hong Kong and / or the USA in the next 6-­‐9 months.


We are working with a large direct selling company in the USA, with a presence in many overseas markets and a range of established nutrition, personal care, skin care and home-­‐care product brands that positively impact the health and wellness of its end-­‐consumers. These brands are recognised as innovative, backed by science and are successfully marketed and sold by an extensive entrepreneurial network, who are always looking to introduce the next generation of consumer products.

Preferred Collaboration

The client is able to leverage its extensive person-­‐to-­‐person network to deliver new products, having already introduced various brands and supporting products to their global consumer base. Whilst the client would require a period of exclusivity, this opportunity would appeal to: early-­‐stage companies that have completed development of their  product but require assistance in marketing and distributing their  product; and more established companies with limited exposure wishing to scale-­‐up or enter new markets. They are open to discuss the most appropriate form of collaboration to ensure innovative products reach the market quickly and  effectively.