Sensation of Sweetness

Improves the perception of sweetness in an innovative way

Challenge Description

Our client has been actively working on reducing the sugar content of its beverages for some years, both through the introduction of various sweeteners and recipe formulation, but is now looking for a solution that improves the perception of sweetness in a truly innovative way. The client is open-minded as to the type and origin of a solution to substantially reduce or totally eliminate sugar/sweetening agents. Technology could be physical, chemical or digital, activating or enhancing the natural sweetness of ingredients, and below are some suggested areas for exploration: - Non-ingredient: - Digital and electronic technologies to drive a physical sensation or reaction in the mouth - Packaging innovations / changes to the way the user consumes a drink - Horticultural innovations - e.g. maintain sweetness properties after harvest; improve the yield of non-economic sweet compounds - Innovations regarding consumer acceptance, product labelling, etc Ingredient and recipe-based: - Volatile-enhanced sweetness - expertise, modelling and supply of solutions are all of interest - Chemosensory - targeted delivery to taste receptors and activation with non-sugar compounds - Physical modification of sugar compounds - e.g. altering molecular structure, delivery mechanism - Enhance and maximise the sweetening potential of natural compounds - Recipe formulation - e.g. innovative bitter reduction technologies or processing steps - Solutions used for solid food products with proof of concept for application in beverages - Solutions that enable clean and natural product labelling The client has excellent relationships with global ingredient suppliers, and is aware of the commercially available ingredients used to achieve sugar reduction in beverages. They are therefore interested in the next phase of sugar reduction, from researchers and innovators in this space, with a preference for natural ingredient solutions. The above list is not exclusive, and we are keen to engage with technology providers at all stages of development and are excited to learn of solutions not even on this list! This global company has a portfolio of recognised brands, a loyal consumer base and has established itself as a leading innovator in the beverage market. Products are sold in volume worldwide, thereby providing an excellent route to accelerate the introduction of a new innovation into this market. Ultimately any solution should be sustainable and cost effective for worldwide use, but many early-stage solutions will be costly to develop, optimise and scale up production - whilst the client is not looking to manufacture any solution directly, they have the resources and manufacturing partnerships to support this activity, and can work with partners to scale up supply.

Key Success Criteria

Searching for game-changing enabling technologies to increase the sensation of sweetness in its products, with minimum/zero added calories.


Our client is a leading manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages, searching for game-changing enabling technologies to increase the sensation of sweetness in its products, with minimum/zero added calories. The company’s drinks are often carbonated, and are packaged and delivered in a variety of ways, including in bottles, cans, cartons and via vending dispensers (using high concentration syrups) in retail.

Preferred Collaboration

The company is committed to the short-, medium- and long-term introduction of innovation in sweetness for its products and is willing to partner at an early stage of development, supporting the technology owner to develop and commercialise any solution. If you have a potential solution or approach to the above Challenge, please click 'Submit Solution'.