Ultra-Fast Flow Through Heater

Seeking to identify suppliers of an ultra-fast Flow Through Heater (FTH)

Challenge Description

The client would like to incorporate ultra-fast Flow Through Heaters into their next generation products, providing instant boiling water and/or steam, and beverages to the user. We are therefore keen to find potential partners that can supply this product “off the shelf”, or have a solution in development that has the capability to be manufactured at production scale in the near future.  Technical specification: - Low thermal mass and thermal time constant of <2 seconds, enabling fast response and subsequent heat up / cool down of the water - Integrated temperature sensing on in- and output - Food grade materials required (where in contact with water) - Flow rate: typical 5 ml/s (@ pressure drop < 0.1 bar) - Heater power: cumulatively 1800W (e.g. multiple tracks delivering 75% and 25% of power) - Max operating pressure – 2 potential options - 20 Bar, burst pressure: 40 Bar - 10 Bar, burst pressure: 20 Bar Solutions should also provide the following and further details can be provided on the requirements: - Certification - Compliance - Connections - Overheat protection - Thermal shock resistance - Temperature resistance - Heating technologies meeting the above specification could be based on ceramic, thick film, infra-red, PTC, etc. We are keen to learn of potential suppliers for the above, and are ready to receive introductory information on suitable products.

Key Success Criteria

Commercial requirements: - Proven production volume 1-2 million pieces / year - Production cost price <5 Euros / piece


We are working with an established manufacturer of consumer beverage machines that is seeking to identify suppliers of an ultra-fast Flow Through Heater (FTH) in order to replace an existing low-cost boiler component.

Preferred Collaboration

The client is willing to consider any technology that is able to meet the required specifications, but is not interested in solutions that do not meet the cost/technical constraints within the next year. If you have a potential solution or approach to the above Challenge, please click 'Submit Solution'.