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Successfully connecting with innovation can put your organisation way ahead of the curve.

But to steal a march on your competitors, you need to ‘do’ innovation more rapidly, more intuitively, and at much lower cost.

That’s why you need LEO.

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Custom-built Network Challenges in the world’s only Global Innovation Platform!

LEO has turned the costly drudgery of searching for innovation on its head. We have created the world’s only Global Innovation Platform – a socially enabled online platform that creates a ‘magnet’ between you and thousands of qualified innovations. No more searching for innovation – instead, relevant thinking, concepts, experts, prototypes and solutions find you and automatically update you, through the Network Challenges we build and curate for you.

With LEO’s Network Challenges, you’ll catch great ideas wherever they come from, and never miss a game-changer again!

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What difference does an Innovation Network make?

By working with you to structure and curate your Network Challenges, we cut out the ‘noise’ and connect you to relevant innovations far more efficiently.

This can reduce your innovation search costs by up to 90%.

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Automatic Innovation Vetting (AIV)

AIV harnesses the flow of innovations within your Corporate Innovation Network, automatically vetting, ranking and reporting on every one of them for you, based on flexible relevance criteria and weighting that you define. AIV makes it easy for you to cut down your innovation management overheads and maximise relevancy and returns, in just a few short steps:

  • Define your vetting criteria and questions, using weighting defined by drop-down menus, tick boxes and free text. These questions will rank the relevance of each innovation to your needs.
  • View your league table of the applications received, in order of relevance; ‘drill down’ into more detail, contact the innovators, and choose to progress, hold, or reject.
  • Download a review document of the most relevant innovations in PDF form, that you can easily distribute and share internally.
  • Receive automated notifications when an applicant’s innovation is 
updated – so you’ll never miss a potentially game changing development.
  • Customise your privacy settings to enable you to control who can see and interact with your Network.

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Who uses LEO’s Network Challenges?

We run Network Challenges for FTSE100 and Fortune 1000 corporations, Universities, and many other organisations, across the world. They’re all connecting to innovation faster, easier and at lower cost. 
Why not you?

With LEO’s Network Challenges, you’ll catch great ideas wherever they come from, and never miss a game-changer again!

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