Our Mission

To provide major organisations with a global Innovation Marketplace to source the latest technologies and products in the most effective way.


About Us


At Leading Edge Only, we know there are many great innovations solving the right problems, if only those organisations seeking innovative solutions knew how to find them. We know these organisations are eager to discover the answers to their problems and are keen to reach those providing the right solutions. We also think many innovators need help to understand the importance of showcasing their solutions to effectively reach the right audiences.

Our mission at Leading Edge Only is to help bridge the gap between those seeking new solutions and the innovators with solutions. 

The Global Innovation Marketplace, a dynamic online platform enables corporations and other organisations to find the solutions they seek quickly and efficiently.


Our Story



Our CEO, Scott Sharp founded Leading Edge Only as he was faced with similar problems that many Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SMEs encounter.

"Some years ago I was an SME and, with colleagues, created a new product. Right then I knew there were over 100 major corporations that would take it but they didn’t know we existed!  We were a small company, limited budget and few connections. But we had something special.

We knew how to sell but not how to get our solution in front of key decision makers without having to spend a fortune we didn’t have.  We looked for anyone that could help but they wanted retainers or a large percentage of revenues. So we did it the way most SMEs do things, I knocked on doors, emailed and attended events. Eventually, after ten years I had 100 major blue chip clients and that’s good going, an average of one new corporate client every 5 weeks!

My senior connections grew and they all said they would have bought the solution years before if they knew it existed. I pointed out that I had been siting in their reception area for years trying to see them and that they were uncontactable!

SMEs with leading solutions then asked if I would introduce them to my contacts and major corporations asked how I could help expose them to the SMEs out there that had great innovations but they didn’t know where they were! They also said the chances of any SME seeing them was never going to work because there were too many barriers to entry.

So, with a team we built Leading Edge Only to provide a platform for major corporations, consultancies and governments to have a faster route to find the solutions they needed and for innovators to showcase their technologies, products and services to these and other organisations globally.

The Global Innovation Marketplace is now accessed by corporations and other organisations from over 100 countries worldwide."


What our Customers Say


“Cisco is helping established organisations find the innovation and momentum they need to change, while also giving new start-ups the support they need to start contributing to the digital economy. Launching the Cisco 50 Community with Leading Edge Only is further testament to this work and we hope that this enables us to both find and highlight some of the great early stage talent in the UK working in cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) sectors, broadening the community of start-ups that we are engaged with through our well-established British Innovation Gateway (BIG) programme."

Tom Kneen, Head Of Business Development, British Innovation Gateway (BIG) at Cisco UK and Ireland


“Being accepted onto the Cisco 50 Community is fantastic as we have been able to share this news ourselves. Brilliant partnership and really good fit with LEO.”

Caroline Goatley, Marketing Coordinator, Cereno Solutions


“We engaged with Leading Edge Only to identify potential innovations and were connected to a lot of diverse companies with interesting possibilities.”

Neil Illingworth, Head of Innovations and Advanced Technology, Virgin Media


“We are extremely happy with the number of views and it gives us confidence in the solution we are providing. It is difficult for innovators to get their solution out to the market and this platform is very very useful.”

Philip Trevelyan, Director, Mellow Acoustics



For More Information

For further information about how we could help your organisation please contact us using our contact form, call us on +44 (0)1234 758 073 or email us at enquiries@leadingedgeonly.com