Using LEO to Search for New Innovations


You can find new innovations in over 30 sectors by using the search functions on the Leading Edge Only Innovation Marketplace.



Do a quick search on Leading Edge Only to find new innovation

Option 1 - Quick Search


  • Use the drop-down search boxes at the top of the page and select from Sector and / or Operational Area, or

  • ​Search using Key Words, or

  • Under Key Words use the innovation's Reference number from our Innovation Publications


Use our Innovation Publications on Leading Edge Only to find new innovation

Option 2 - Publications Search


  • Publications show the innovations on the Showcase Innovation Program

  • Go to the Publications Tab and select the appropriate Sector

  • ​For any innovation select "More Information" to go to that Innovation's details, or

  • Print the Innovation Publication


Go to the Showcased Innovations to find new innovations on Leading Edge Only

Option 3 - Innovations By Sector Search


  • Innovations by Sectors shows all of the Innovations on the Showcase Innovation Program

  • Go to the Innovations by Sector Tab and select the appropriate Innovation

  • Select "More Information" to go to that Innovation's details


Upgrade your innovation search functions to search by Commercial Opportunities, Commercial Solutions etc.

Option 4 - In-depth Search


If you have registered with us you can search by:

  • Market Sectors
    Over 30 market sectors ranging from Aerospace through to Wearable Technology.

  • Operational Areas
    Including everything from Call Centres to Health & Safety and HR to Security

  • Commercial Opportunities
    These are innovators seeking organisations that are interested in Collaboration, Alliances, Funding etc.

  • Commercial Solutions
    Innovation solutions that Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency, Mitigate Risk etc.

  • Innovation Availability
    Innovations that range from Initial Concept through to Available for immediate use.

  • Speed to Market
    Time to deliver the innovations to the market

If you are interested in an innovation you can click through to their company website to find more information. Alternatively if you would like their contact details click the “Get Contact Information” button under their Innovation Profile. The system will then exchange both parties contact information. You can then commence a confidential engagement with the innovator.

There are no fees, commissions or other charges made by LEO to contact any Innovation Provider.