IP Opportunity

Patent acquisition opportunity in power management sector

Broad patent portfolio covering 'Green' ultralow power management applications and multiple DC Outputs


Reference Number 1206

Market Sectors:

Electronics, Energy, Engineering

Operational Areas

Environment, Manufacturing & Production

Commercial Solutions

Improve the Environment
Increase Efficiency
Reduce Cost

Speed to Market



Portfolio covers a broad range of power and charging technologies, applicable to a wide variety of standalone chargers and embedded power management products across millions of consumer and industrial products. With the aim to dramatically reduce power consumption, governments around the world are imposing stricter and stricter standby power requirements across consumer and industrial products. The technology is able to meet these new guidelines at low manufacturing costs, reducing idle or standby power consumption to 1/1000th or less of active power.

Multiple DC Output technology resolves the system management problems associated with having different power supply components necessary to power different mobile or portable devices. The patented power convertor technology serves the power supply needs of several mobile devices, even simultaneously.

Patent Portfolio

Over 200 patent assets with more than one half described as ‘A’ quality patents using standard industry analyzing tools.

Sample of patents:

Several suits in past 9 years; settlements resulted in license grants, generally limited to patents in suit.

Business Model

Unique ‘green’ manufactured goods, conforming to or beating government imposed standby power standards at low cost.

Outbound licensing to other companies.


Regional and worldwide

Other information

Technology owned by public company on the U.S. stock market, who has been a leader in the mobile accessories industry since 1995, offering premium power solutions for laptop computers and electronic mobile devices.


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