Track Jobs and Vehicles

Simple GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Our simple GPS tracking solutions helps you monitor, protect and better utilise your vehicles.


Company Name

AutoAlert Limited

Reference Number 1488

Market Sectors:

Devices, IT & Telecoms, Multi-Sector, Retail & Consumer, Security, Transportation

Operational Areas

Customer Service, Human Resources, IT & Telecoms, Management, Operations, Security, Transportation

Commercial Solutions

Improve Customer Care
Increase Efficiency
Increase Revenues
Increase Security
Reduce Cost

Commercial Opportunities

Seeking Alliance, Seeking Collaboration, Seeking Distribution, Seeking Funding

Speed to Market


AutoAlert GPS Tracking helps you monitor, protect and better utilise your vehicles. 

We have a range of vehicle tracking devices including an installed GPS Tracker, portable GPS tracking and smartphone apps.

With all our devices, you can

  • instantly see where your vehicles and colleagues are,
  • get alerted if your vehicles enter or leave particular locations
  • generate comprehensive reports to help utilise your vehicles and save admin
  • Send messages between your computer, tablet or mobile phone, and
  • Get directions and compare your vehicles location to traffic in the area.


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