The Miracle Fruit which is Jackfruit, grown and manufactured in Kerala India available in frozen formats: pulled, chunks &/or burgers.


With growing trend towards plant based foods, Jackfruit, the miracle fruit is the ideal ingredient. It is very versatile, and is an excellent meat substitute. Can be used in ready meals, soups, wraps, stir fry, pizzas and sandwiches. Jackfruit is so healthy, it is a natural product, fat free, low sugar and low salt. The market will go from 'niche' to mainstream within the next 5 years. The growing trend towards vegan & vegetariasm is increasing at a very fast rate as consumers switch from meat to a healthier lifestyle and to improve the environment too.

Key Benefits

Plant Based
100% Natural
Versatile - can be used in various dishes
Meat substitute
Available as Frozen (not canned) and reduces labour, wastage and disposal costs.


Supply to Retail, Foodservice & Manufacturing Food Industry

Target market is to supply in 10Kg packs, pallet lots directly to Food Manufacturers of ready meals, pizzas & sandwich trades.

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