Aguardio - a brilliantly simple solution that helps people live more sustainably by reducing the amount of water and energy they use in the shower.


Aguardio’s mission is simple – to reduce water and energy consumption through nudging.

Aguardio is a physical device designed to guide/ motivate/ nudge shower users in a more sustainable direction. Installed in the bathroom, Aguardio facilitates changes in shower behaviour with the aim to reduce water and energy consumption. A combination of sensors and big data enable Aguardio to identify showers without being part of the installation.

Key Benefits

Aguardio offers five main advantages to adopting customers:
1) Water consumption is reduced, addressing the increasing water shortage problem.
2) Energy consumption is reduced due to reduction in hot water use, leading to lower CO2 emissions. Reduced demand for desalinated seawater in some areas leads to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions
3) Financial savings for businesses due to lower water and energy consumption.
4) Reduced wastewater emissions having a positive effect on the wastewater treatment plants capacity.
5) Corporate social responsibility strategy/benefits for the businesses through the incorporation of technology that lead to improving their environmental impacts.

Based on these advantages, the beneficiaries can be divided into three groups: individuals, organizations and society. Reduced water and energy consumption benefits society as a whole. Financial savings is beneficial for building owners and reduced demand for water is beneficial for individuals and society preserving existing water sources.


Aguardio differentiates from existing water-saving solutions on the market in the following areas:

• use nudging (gentle push) instead of behavioural design (lifted finger)
• user-friendly - easy to install and replace in literally minutes independently of wifi, water and energy installations
• possibility for customization
• much more than just a physical device- it’s a platform for changing social norms
• can act as a gateway for other smart sensors in a room, flat or single-family house
• powerful data for optimizing building operations based on peak demand and humidity
• access to valuable data that can be used to introduce effective interventions based on shower behaviour
• It’s an early warning system for your bathroom’s health predicting the risk of mould

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