Aguardio’s mission is simple – to reduce water and energy consumption by supporting, improving and developing sustainable behaviour.


This solution aims to motivate people to reduce their time under the shower by at least one minute. Indeed, each person will save more than 10 litres of hot water and save enough energy to run a 60-watt light bulb for 6 hours. Aguardio G2 is a physical IoT device designed to guide/ motivate/ nudge hotel guest in a more sustainable direction. Installed in the bathroom, Aguardio facilitates changes in behaviour to reduce water and energy consumption in the shower. Thanks to a combination of sensors and big data, Aguardio starts monitoring water usage as soon as a person enters the shower cabin and turns the water on or off. Aguardio G2 is much more than just a physical device- it’s a platform for changing social norm.

Key Benefits

In Copenhagen only, reducing shower time by 1 minute could result in annual savings covering 1093 household's water consumption and 1241 household's energy consumption and reduced the CO2 emission by 405 tons, based on Danish district heating.

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