AI Languge Understanding

Use AI to understand your customers.

Bringing together AI Scientists, Corpus Linguists and Data Analysts to understand language on an industrial scale.


You can't understand a customer without listenting to them. You can't evolve your organisation's digital presence without fully understanding how you are percevied. Wordnerds' technology allows organisations to monitor sentiment/issues relating to a product, service or brand in real time, by using AI and advnaced linguistics to teach computers how to understand text. When people talk about big data, mostly they mean numbers. Yet 80% of all data exists in the form of unstructured text; in emails, online reviews, tweets, customer service databases and word documents. Wordnerds creates meaning from large volumes of unstructured data. We bring together AI Scientists, Corpus Linguists and Data Analysts to provide language understanding on an industrial scale. This allows organisations to fully understand what their customers really think, allowing them to personalise their interactions and develop their brand

Key Benefits

We have two principal products: Stargazer - Find out what your customers really think. Stargazer aggregates and analyses online product reviews to show simply, and in real time, what people like and dislike about your products. We help global brands develop better products and understand their strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors at a glance Haystack - Find new customers or monitor key issues Haystack locates hidden gems amongst the noise and madness of social media. Whether it’s leads you want, an early warning system for problems with products or just a steer on a thought or idea, Haystack turns the internet into the world’s largest focus group.


Both of our current products were developed because large organisations couldn’t find what they needed on the market: Nissan wanted to identifying problems with new cars in online comments without unmanageable levels of noise; Tommee Tippee needed to aggregate, track and understand hundreds of thousands of online product reviews, what people liked and disliked about their individual baby products.

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