We have bolt-on technologies that significantly reduce diesel emissions. Proven in rail and road, HC & NOx down by 90%, CO & CO2 down by 50%+. Works on small or large engines.


Using Hydrogen Electrolysis and a number of supporting technologies we have proven that we can reduce emissions by up to 90% in many different applications that rely on Diesel engines for power.

Proven in rail and mining, currently undergoing testing in road freight and industrial machinery. Successfully cut Hydrocarbons & Nox by 90% and Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide by well over 50% when fitted to a the 115 litres Diesel engine on a 1960s freight train.

Key Benefits

Significant emissions reductions that allow companies to maximise opportunity form existing investment and delay new investment in low carbon technologies.

Have demonstrated a Stage III generator engine delivery below-Stage V emissions without any of the post-emissions reduction equipment. End result is significant cost and space saving to match the emissions savings.

Has also been demonstrated to improve power and reduce fuel usage, in some cases by up to 20%.


Road and rail freight, industrial engines, generators, port equipment, etc. Soon to be available for smaller engines such as those found in cars, etc.

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