The e-commerce integration, BOON, seamlessly creates a smart personal shopping assistant or gift-finder with up to 3x conversions uplift and 2.5x AOV increase


BOON is the digital shopping assistant delivering up to 3x conversion uplift.

Unlike standard AI product recommendation systems, the technology does not rely on behind-the-scenes tracking throughout multiple sessions. Instead, psychologists design image-based questions to be answered by online shoppers. BOON takes the shoppers on a journey through these questions, which are dynamically revised based on previous answers to create an immersive experience. Once this question-process is complete, the powerful filtering engine and bespoke AI analyse the responses to determine each user's unique desires, personality, likes and dislikes and find the most compelling products from the catalogue for that user. With up to 12 questions in total, on average 96% of users who answer one question complete all of them to view recommendations.

This gives the shopper full control of their data, and they remain completely anonymous throughout. By shortlisting the best products as 'top picks' and delivering ongoing personalisation as the user browses, BOON ensures that each shopper is not overwhelmed with choice and sees products that are most relevant to them, thereby increasing conversions by up to 3x.

As the shopper interacts with recommendations and continues to browse, anonymous feedback data is collected and is used to improve the AI recommendations for subsequent users. One such feedback is 'product replacements', where a user can get live replacements for product recommendations.

Aggregated user responses and feedback data allow BOON to deliver unparalleled, actionable shopper insights back to their retail clients (often from millions of data points).

Key Benefits

- Up to 3x increase in shopper conversions
- High user engagement with a new, fun shopping experience (96% complete all questions once started)
- Up to 2.5x increase in basket size
- Actionable shopper-demographic insights from millions of data points
- Quick and simple setup and integration
- Highly customisable content, look and feel to match any brand

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There are two great applications for BOON; as a smart personal shopping assistant and/or as a super-powered gift-finder.

The technology works best with aesthetic/desire-driven shopping rather than purely functional (utilitarian) retail.

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