Emotion-based Stock Picker

Buffly analyses market sentiment, to help pick stocks that make money.

Buffly uses emotional analysis and the scale of machine learning to interpret what is being written about a stock in real-time, so investors can better pick stocks.


Buffly is a platform that allows investors to quickly see how people are feeling about a stock. Fast. If people feel positive about a stock, the price of that stock tends to rise. Because the stock markets are not static, the sentiment analysis is carried out in real time, and output in the form of a sentiment score out of 100.

Key Benefits

- Discover new stocks that have positive sentiment attached to them. - See the market sentiment or feeling around a stock in real time. - Make more informed investment decisions.


- Initially developed for investors, however, you could apply the platform's ability to understand how an audience feels about a particular brand, business, marketing campaign and much more.

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