Candii Bath Intimate Wash

Not just a bath but a 'treat'

Candii Bath is an intimate hygiene wash designed to relieve and soothe the itching and irritation of symptoms associated with Candidiasis thanks to its unique active ingredient.


Candii Bath Intimate Hygiene Cream Wash is specifically designed with an active ingredient to solve a problem experienced by many in a fast and effective way. It is a unique 2 in 1 product that not only cleanses and promotes healthy skin, but most importantly, simultaneously relieves and soothes the itching and irritation associated with Candidiasis (Thrush). This makes Candii Bath easier and faster to use unlike other products which can be time consuming and messy to apply and can only be used after the skin is cleansed. “75% of women suffer at least one vaginal infection in their lifetime, and symptoms will recur in about half of these women”- (Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Group). “Three out of four women will have a yeast infection at some point in their life. Almost half of these women have two or more infections”- ( The 2011 census confirms that there are 32 million women living in Britain ( If three-quarters of these women experience a yeast infection, it would therefore mean that at least 24 million women would be at some time affected by Thrush. With this in mind, it is reasonable to say that Candii Bath can enter this market and secure a percentage of the women who would rather a product that saves time and money, is less messy and is convenient. Candidiasis can affect all areas of the body, as areas of the skin that are moist and sweaty are ideal for candida to thrive; common sites affected are in the folds of skin in your groin, armpits and under large breasts. Nappy rash is sometimes due to candida. Obese people may develop candidal infection between folds of skin. It can also affect skin between your fingers and toes and at the corners of your mouth. ( Candii Bath is a body wash especially for intimate areas, but is also suitable for all over body. By using Candii Bath to cleanse the skin, it is automatically targeting these areas, causing the active agent to fight against the fungus. It is therefore a quick and easy method of application for those who are on the go, for those who desire a product that is effective without the use of messy creams, and a safe method for those who need to focus on larger areas of the body. There are no products on the market in the form of a wash which has this active ingredient and is designed to do this.

Key Benefits

*Saves time on application - easier and faster to use *Dual performance - simultaneously cleanses whilst soothing the external itching or burning sensation *Simplicity - easy to apply over larger areas of the skin in less time and with less effort *Cost effective *‘Hassle-free’ due of its method of application *Gives a sensation of wellbeing *Eliminates the monotony and frustration of ‘cleanse, dry, and apply’


Personal care product; Body-care; Pharmaceuticals

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