Customised Product Expert Bot

AMO accelerates online conversion.

AMO develops bots for qualifying and configuring online - based on customers needs, directly at the point of purchase. Using a conversational interface, AMO converts visitors 24/7.


AMO software on your website to talk with customers, qualify leads, discover needs, recommend solutions, demonstrate products, configure and take orders. Software executing your online sales activities

Key Benefits

AMO solves the problem of online visitors not buying as they cannot find or understand what they need. The platform engages with each visitor individually at point of purchase 24/7; providing a consistent, scalable and targeted help enabling staff to focuss on non-repetitive higher value tasks. It takes visitors through a human centric sales process that maps their need to your solution, offering an optimised and efficient methodology that is personal, rewarding and eliminates choice overload for the visitor. It produces qualified leads, eliminating time wasters and educating users for more productive/engaging sales follow-up.


AMO has developed specific behaviours for the packaging industry.

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