All data resides on a server somewhere and all servers have a carbon footprint. Reduction/ optimisation of data storage requirements will reduce an organisation's carbon footprint.


All organisations, regardless of size, store their data on servers. All servers increase the total carbon footprint produced by the business. For example, based on a recent research done by a carbon footprint website, a standard server i.e. a standard 2019 R640 Dell server, if running for its average life span of 4 years would produce 4 X 320 kg CO2e/year. By reducing the data stored and with the help of our best in business data cleansing and archiving tools, we can calculate and eventually reduce the number of on-premise servers used by an organisation by minimizing their data storage plan. Also, it has been proven that On-Cloud servers achieve more server-utilization than On-Premise servers. We are able to support organisations in this space by planning, promoting and executing any required strategical move to the Cloud from On-Premise supported by industry-wide acclaimed migration tools. Helping an organisation to managing a minimum carbon footprint could also be achieved by using continuous data governance to keep the data storage optimised.

Key Benefits

Our solution is an off the shelf, ready to go solution that can be deployed quickly and easily across an SAP system environment. Using fast start templates, we are able to accelerate the speed with which a business is able to understand the data content and optimise the data storage requirements to get clean as well as setting up longer term data governance processes to stay clean.


We are targeted at SAP and Infor systems across multiple industry sectors.
However, we can also deploy our solution across other information technology systems.
Our solutions are available as on-premise or cloud deployments.

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