Tracks all the shares and reshares in a dashboard, so you can see exactly who the card has been shared with. Doubles as a marketing platform and also fully GDPR compliant


Revolutionise the way you connect and interact
Traditional business cards are expensive, unsustainable and ineffective. Leveraging the latest technology, we’ve created a digital alternative that doubles as a marketing platform for your brand.

Showcasing your commitment to the planet, our digital business cards empower businesses of all sizes with a greener way to connect, engage and grow.

Key Benefits

Track engagement

Promote your entire digital footprint from one central location, updating your card whenever you’ve got something new to share.

Capitalise on opportunities whenever your card is forwarded on by one of your contacts – we’re the world’s only provider that tracks re-shares, giving you the ability to target new leads who are already engaged with your business.


50 billion business cards are printed each year – 88% are discarded within a week.

Choose Go Paperless to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and tell the world that you care about the future of our planet.

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