Embed Collaboration In Apps

Enable personalized live engagement within digital platforms

Improve customer satisfaction and workforce efficiency by creating live communication experiences within your mobile and web apps quickly, easily and cost effectively.


In-App Customer Experience (B2C) CaféX creates software that makes it easier for organizations to add new methods of live engagement to their mobile applications and websites. With CaféX, customers can tap to initiate a voice or video chat with a company expert without leaving the company’s app or installing a plugin. The expert can assist by seeing and controlling the customer’s screen, co-browsing, drawing on screen to highlight key information, filling in forms for the user remotely, sharing files, and pushing content such as links, images and documents. Mobile Workforce Collaboration (B2B2E) Workers are increasingly on the move but need to stay closely connected to suppliers, partners and team members. With CaféX, organizations can embed instant calling, sharing, video conferencing and other features directly within corporate apps and web portals. CaféX’s mobile collaboration solutions are seamless for employees to use, helping companies achieve faster decision-making, shorter cycle times and improved workflow efficiency. Omnichannel Engagement CaféX technology bridges together various digital interaction channels to unify the customer journey. For example, when a customer initiates a service call, information about the user can be correlated with the call to facilitate a personalized experience, such as bypassing the IVR and routing the call intelligently to an appropriate specialist. The customer’s profile data can also be used to arrange an automatic call back at a later time. And a customer who starts a conversation with a contact centre agent via web chat can escalate seamlessly to a video call with a second agent, with contextual data preserved as s/he moves from one channel to another. Visual IVR & Mobile Self-Service With minimal reprogramming, CaféX’s mobile self-service solution enables existing IVR form, menu, prompt, choice, and audio elements to be displayed in visual format within customer mobile and web applications. Dynamic rendering ensures changes to the underlying IVR logic are automatically reflected in the visual display. Typical Use Cases Financial services firms use CaféX technology for B2C engagement solutions, such as an app-based video concierge service, ‘click-to-care’ mobile banking and advisor-investor virtual collaboration for the wealth management sector. Banks are seeing increased loyalty scores for its mobile channel, with higher first call resolution and a significant uplift in app downloads. Insurance firms use CaféX to deliver personalized user experiences across digital platforms. Collaboration powered apps help produce higher quality claims estimates and optimize cycle time from accident-to-payout. Field adjusters and repair shops can reach claims experts faster with more accurate information sharing during the claims application process. Retail companies can intersect consumers at the point of buying intent, especially as more users move to online channels. For example, with one click and no loss of continuity, a consumer can escalate from a web chat with one agent to a voice or video call with a second representative, who can also see and control the customer’s app or browser, share documents, annotate on screen and fill out forms to provide immediate assistance. Higher online conversion rates, reduced cart abandonment levels, and larger order values are key benefit areas. Hospitals can enhance in-room care through app-based ‘click-to-video’ calling that instantly connects patients to nurses, specialists and even remote family members. Telemedicine and virtual out-patient services can also be facilitated through collaboration-enabled portals that allow clinicians to see and control a patient’s app or browser, share documents, annotate on screen and fill out forms to provide immediate assistance. Benefits include enhanced patient satisfaction, higher inpatient bed occupancy rates, improved clinician productivity and broader access to specialists’ expertise. Maximize Current Technology Investments CaféX solutions work on top of organizations’ existing technology environments. New collaboration features can simply be added to mobile apps and websites that are already in place. CaféX’s software adapters ensure there is no need for companies to replace their contact centre or collaboration infrastructure, and employees may continue to use their mobile devices, telephones, video devices, and preferred desktop applications for interactions. The net result is faster, simpler and more cost-effective deployment of new services. Award-Winning Technology CaféX was recently included in Gartner’s 2015 list of “Cool Vendors in Unified Communications”. CaféX was also awarded the 2014 Best of Show at Enterprise Connect, the largest business communications event in North America. CaféX has also been recognized by CRN® magazine as a 2015 emerging vendor, and is a winner of several innovation awards from Frost & Sullivan and the WebRTC community.   Industry Leading Innovation CaféX solutions go beyond the latest advancements in Web real-time communications (WebRTC). Easy-to-use toolkits for leading mobile and browser platforms enhance company applications with plugin-less voice & video chat, Live Assist® co-browse & app screen sharing. Enterprise interoperability is easily achieved via SIP, CTI and media adapters, and CaféX’s Omnichannel context bus enables advanced integrations, such as contextual call routing, IVR bypass, callback and visual IVR. Integration with incumbent enterprise technologies ensures existing IT investments are protected.  

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