Fisheye Hub Identity - Karma

User led data footprint

Unique 9-11 point identity solution made of a hybrid combination of both some centralised and mostly decentralised user-owned data points. Used for digital and physical access.


A trusted, ubiquitous and secure tool to connect people for both business and consumer usage, at an affordable subscription rate, for any need that requires a mix of the following; a location, an information exchange to enable a transaction, and a need for data security or privacy. Karma is the next generation of Identity tool using the best of breed. Provide decentralised Blockchain and online vaults for identity storage, and self executing contracts, and use for complex algorithms for encryption. Each identity block is paired with a set of mandatory multifactor authentication options. Karma will has 3 key offerings: Visual ID: This renders a digital likeness of ID Information that can be shown in both full and redacted format. Verify ID: This allows for a QR code to be generated locally on the user's device, followed by a scan using the verifier's device, which allow 'just enough' information to the business users. Safe-Online ID: Create time bound approval on the users’ mobile user for any online transactions of predefined values. (e.g. buy a shirt on John Lewis site, and receive a visual request on user screen to approve, and once completed, the web page automatically refreshes to the payment).

Key Benefits

1- User led privacy 2- Very high levels of identity assurance 3- Allow integration of the best of breed cloud tools


Visual Identity ID verification online and on physical access locations Safe online ID verification for any transaction by offering multifactor authentication.

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