A fully immersive VR experience bringing the classic brewery tour to the 21st century. From luscious fields to the cosmopolitan heart of Prague and finally the glass in your hand.


The classic brewery tour is in need of an update. With Staropramen being well known throughout the world this innovation allows everyone, no matter where they are, to explore what makes Staropramen so beloved and unique. By using the latest cutting edge virtual reality and 360 filming techniques we can bring to life the story, history, and future of Staropramen by giving fans the opportunity to see behind the curtain and experience what goes into making Staropramen the beer it is. This experience follows the journey of a single seed, the grain it produces, the harvest, the brewing, the bottling, the transporting, and finally the drink in your hand. The experience can be downloaded directly from a QR code on the side of a bottle or pack onto the users mobile device, allowing them to experience the magic.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of this innovation are, giving the user the opportunity to understand the entire process of what goes on to create the beer that is Staropramen allowing them to enjoy its taste with a better understanding of its background, history, future, and all of the hard work and graft that goes into each glass. Furthermore, it allows a truly global audience to interact with one of their favourite beers in a way they wouldn't without a flight to Prague itself, showing off the beauty of the city and how Staropramen has integrated into one of Europe's trendiest places.


The target market for this application is anyone who likes Staropramen and owns a mobile device capable of reading QR codes, it's as simple as that. If you're interested in learning more about what goes into making Staropramen, brewing in general, or enjoy VR experiences this application will suite you.

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