AgriHubs can be configured for multiple crops and production volume matched to demand. Shortens supply chains, addresses food security issues and reduces carbon footprints.


As the AgriHub is a TCEA environment, everything is controlled by specialised electronic systems.

This allows for remote monitoring and alarms for the grower.

Each container can be configured for a specific crop to suit the grower. It is not a one size fits all product. Every product has a unique grow recipe and therefore requires a unique growing environment in order to maximise yields.

Key Benefits

Ideally suited to address food security issues bringing new crops closer to home and reduce imports.
Total Controlled Environment Agriculture.
Grow all year round.
Independent of weather, insects and if run correctly diseases.
Increased yields.
No soil so no water or soil pollution.
Can be located to follow urbanisation trends as it can be moved.
No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilisers.
Suited to a single or multiple grower environment.


These can be used to produce:

Fresh produce
Health drinks (wheat grass)

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