GoGrow Snail can produce snail mucin, matching output to demand. Shorten supply chain, reduce carbon footprint, address quality and product safety. Single source.


As the GoGrow Snail product is a TCEA environment, everything is controlled by specialised electronic systems. This allows for remote monitoring and alarms for the grower and the mucin purchaser can be made aware of cold chain issues immediately, this impacts on mucin quality and safety.

GoGrow Snail is specifically configured for growing snails to produce snail mucin for use in the production of various skin care products, both cosmetic and medical. The growing environment maximises mucin yields. Production is indoors so production is year round, and always fresh and produced to suit production. No dehydration/dessication required.

The solution not only grows the snails but also extracts the mucin in situ.

There are numerous by-products and downstream opportunities as well which further reduce costs.

The system can be easily scaled and located at the production plant or nearby. It requires little labour.

Key Benefits

Total control of the mucin source and supply chain.

No longer purchase a product with multiple unknown sources from multiple species of snail. Certain species are known to specifically carry diseases. Each species has its own unique composition. Contamination is avoided through proper control. Control of the mucin composition by selecting the species to grow. If multiple species required for different products, additional grow rooms can be added to meet species and volume requirements.

Can be self-grown or outsourced as part of an SME development project.


The mucin is used for a variety of skin care products. These products can be cosmetic in nature or medical.

While the core output is snail mucin, there are other by-products which can be sold such as snail eggs as caviar, snail meat for restaurants, snail shells for calcium additives in animal feeds and snail meat for protein in animal and human food products.

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