The Guardmine is an app controlled, portable safe and surveillance unit that enables you to protect what matters while you are on the go


Peace of mind at least. Meet Guardmine, a multi-purpose device, not only to ward off opportunistic thieves but also to make your life so much simpler.

Guardmine is a 5 in 1 portable safe that has state of the art technology, and now only on Kickstarter, at a special launch price you don't want to miss!

Traveling, at home, or keeping a watchful eye when you are away, Guardmine is what you need.

Key Benefits

The Guardmine will fit your most important valuables and is easy to use: put your belongings inside and use the Guardmine app on your phone to ‘arm’ it with a four-digit code. Need your phone kept safe? Your Guardmine can be armed using its touch screen as well!
When tampered with, your Guardmine’s built-in alarm will be triggered. Will you hear the alarm? Guardmine has an alarm that sounds at 120 decibels. Yeah, it’s loud.
A thief is most likely not going to try and run away with your Guardmine screaming. Fun fact, 120 dB is the exact same volume level as a jet upon take-off.
For our music-loving fans, we were sure to include a high quality, crystal clear audio system. You can enjoy hours of good music at any volume. All you need to do is connect your smartphone to your Guardmine and you can stream music from your preferred streaming service via Bluetooth.
The Guardmine is a smart safe with perfect vibes - but that's not all ! We have added a number of additional features to make the Guardmine a one-of-a-kind portable security suite: we have included a surveillance camera with a built in motion sensor - to leave it in your home or your hotel room to be your third eye. Thanks to the app, the camera also doubles up as baby phone. We have also equipped your Guardmine with a high capacity li-ion battery that can be used as a power bank to charge your phone - even while it is safely locked inside. Lastly, the Guardmine was designed to be practical, but also to look good whilst being tough.


B2C: travellers, both leisure and business
B2B: Hotels, Trains, which can offer their customers a mobile security service instead of the oldfashioned built-in locker or safe.

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