UK's & Europe’s number one quality fresh packed meat, smoked meat, salmon product company. We want to be known for the quality of our services, taste and freshness of our products.


HMS 622 Ltd produce halal processed meat, poultry, fish & vegan. They cook, smoke and cool-down in one process run for immediate packaging. These stages are strictly controlled without trolley witching.

HMS 622 Ltd offer quality smoked meat products, and employ a water liquid infused liquid smoke system that increases the life of the product, its flavoured; it is ready to eat as it is, or you can cook it.

Key Benefits

Halal Meat Since 622 are a 4 in 1 solution.

• They have their own meat production company - large scale
• Wholesale
• Mail-order
• Refrigerated retail units

HMS 622Ltd will increase availability of its current and growing product range through an extended supply chain that includes:-

1.Business to Business [restaurants and distributor]

2.Mid-range local outlets [such as Tesco Express, Sainsbury Local, Aldi]

3.Branded, refrigerated, serviced in premises vending

4.Online value Meats Boxes


Marketing led push to extend B2B channels/contracts with improved stock management/replenishment systems

A major campaign to extend geographic, cultural and sector based across all demographics

A subscription of pre made value box of £10, £20 or £30 per month option, items will be packed and distributed to the end customer on a fixed date each month to their home.

An exciting new initiative to build, deliver, install, stock and auto-replenish branded or white label refrigerated units, an optional grab and go capability is being developed. These units will be introduced into a wide and diverse range of Business to Business and Business to Customer outlets. Feasibility is ongoing for integrated direct payment gateways as an option primarily suited for B2C on premise vending equipment

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