The community experience and tenant engagement platform driving operational efficiency across your spaces


HeyHub was founded in 2013 with the aim of developing innovative and cutting-edge technology to improve engagement, user experience and to enhance operational efficiency across real estate assets. Since inception, HeyHub’s robust, holistic feature platform has been able to unlock enormous value through engaged communities and bespoke user experiences across sectors. Our platform has been implemented over 10 million sq. ft. of space, with over 250,000 active users across sectors.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of HeyHub are:

1. A 360 platform with all solutions for real estate assets
2. Enhanced customer experience
3. Reduced operational overheads
4. Streamlining workflows and compliance
5. Data driven decision making
6. Open communication and engagement with all stakeholders


HeyHub's platform can be used across all types of real estate assets - from Student Accommodation, Built to Rent, Universities and Housing Associations to Commercial Buildings, Museums, Hospitality and Mixed-Use Developments. The HeyHub platforms comes with the following features:

1. HeyHub Community
2. HeyHub Facility
3. HeyHub Marketplace
4. HeyHub Property
5. HeyHub Visitor
6. HeyHub Analytics

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