We use high-tech, data-driven modelling to design the best natural, climate resilient solutions to flooding, diffuse pollution, soil loss, drought and sewer loading.


We use high-tech, data-driven modelling to design the best natural solutions to multiple problems. We can reduce flooding, diffuse pollution, soil loss, drought and sewer loading; as well as improving air quality, heat islands, pollination, wellbeing and much more. All this by enhancing biodiversity and building-in climate resilience. We can solve problems at scales from single street to whole drainage basins, such as improving agricultural yields and resilience while increasing water resource supply and reducing city flooding. We make complex situations simple for non-experts to understand. We facilitate participatory design. We can quantify benefits to help secure funding and integrate with engineered solutions.

Key Benefits

Viridian can identify the best ways of using nature to solve your problems, which ensures projects are successful and maximise return on investment. We can power participatory design with stakeholders. The natural solutions can be low-tech, low-cost and offer multiple co-benefits, which can be great for reputation and CSR.


Nature-based solutions offer multiple benefits, so can be applied in many situations. These can include: Water utilities through improved resource supply and quality, and reduced sewer loading Natural Flood Management for urban and rural areas Protecting infrastructure from storm damage Biodiversity and nutrient offsetting for development Climate resilience Natural Capital Accounting and policy Agriculture through improved water supply, reduced storm damage and natural pest control

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