Intelligent Vision

Recognize any type of object in images or videos

Core technology built around a brain-inspired framework that learns to recognise any type of object.


One image is a thousand words. We develop intelligent vision systems that extract visual information from images and videos robustly in real-time even under the most challenging conditions.   Our computer vision technology can be used wherever there is a camera. It features: - Ultra-fast image processing algorithms. - Robust object recognition and classification. - Fully portable software that runs on any embedded, mobile or desktop system. - Unique simulator-based system design verification that dramatically reduces time-to-market. CLIENTS AND EXPERIENCE Client: CADScan Product: Desktop 3D Scanner Link: Description: Our company designed the 3D reconstruction software for the CADScan desktop 3D scanner. The design was tested and optimised in our unique vision simulator, meaning that just a single hardware prototype was developed. The system went from concept to market in less than a year. Client: Biotrack Product: Aquascope water technology Link: Description: Our company redesigned the image processing algorithms of the Biotrack Aquascope accelerating the system performance by a mind-blowing 1000x. By turning the Aquascope into a real-time system a wide-range of new applications could be explored by Biotrack. SPEED TO DELIVER/MARKET We develop computer vision software for any hardware platform. Our company owns a rich portfolio of powerful algorithms that can immediately address the majority of vision tasks. Most solutions are designed and completed within 3-6 months. COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES Seeking new customers that require computer vision, image processing or machine learning solutions to integrate within their products.  

Key Benefits

Our computer vision technology can be used wherever there is a camera.

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