IoT Domus’ is setting up a network of highly skilled professional figures - platform & vendor independent - that can suggest, set up and repair Internet of Things(“IoT”) products.


IOT (Internet of Things) Domus are actively aiming to become the market leader and one-stop-shop in Smart Home Systems and Smart Business Systems. With openings in Geneva, Switzerland and deep negotiations in Roma & Milano & Florence, IOT Domus is already doubling their initial target.

Key Benefits

IOT Domus is setting up a network of highly skilled professional figures - platform and vendor independent - that can assist (support), suggest, set up and repair IoT products. Their strong connection with best vendors allow us to offer prices that can compete with Amazon, with the added value of quality and level of service of a specialized store.


Individuals, families and small offices are facing an increasing difficulty to manage all the rocketing number of tools and electronic devices in their daily activities. IoT is becoming a nightmare, not a solution for many. E-commerce sells thousands of devices but offers no guidance to choose and set up a Smart Home system. The same happens in SoHo and SME segments.

IOT Domus focus on both Smart Home and Smart Business Systems, worldwide. This is inclusive of pre-sales consultance, sales, set-up & post-sales support and advice.

As the “the missing piece” in the IoT puzzle, the applications are endless.

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