Personalised; Predictive; Participative retail engagement for the surest, safest and most respectful patient journey in next generation Metaverse.


KATLAS offer a highly-efficient and cost-effective Blockchain in a Box (BIAB) technology solution to support the digitisation of organisations (specifically SME's) to enhance business operations and trading with other entities through the use of Blockchain secured DLTs with wallet plugins running specialised protocols.


Currently Blockchain solutions require substantial investment to set up and maintain. BIAB provides the user with an easy "plug-and-play" solution. Once installed the BIAB will instantly enable the user to supply its digital data/footprint and link with other digital/blockchain systems for verification, data and financial requirements.

Our innovation focus is radically different to anything in the global marketplace or in development and will constitute a game changing disruption to the market. BIAB benefits include a low-cost and highly scalable entry point that consumes minimal energy and does not require huge bandwidth. The wallet protocols allow digital proofs to exchange digital assets/NFTs across network nodes in an open- API/open-source P2P framework, which facilitates legacy systems to access KATLAS wallets or vice versa.


To trade globally, UK SMEs face many challenges, such as accessing and completing the correct regulatory forms and complying with ever demanding data standards (KYC, ALM, GDPR). Issues VAT/Taxes, unreported delays in transport and processing payments, and language barriers, can severely impact an SME's ability to trade efficiently.

Blockchain is a game-changer for SMEs looking to expand in overseas markets or access next generation marketpalce - Metaverse. International trade documentation is being digitised with Blockchain providing transparency and consensus mechanisms which replaces multiple instances of verification and physical checking. The significance of DLT to SMEs, is that it enables the digital transfer of value without the need for a trusted third party. The essential capability is enabled by Zero-Knowledge Proof, in laymans terms "you do not need to be there to know it occurred".

The major factors driving high levels of interest in Blockchain solutions include smart contracts, digital identities and increasing government initiatives. Smart contracts are self-executing code that can offer for 'Bottom-of-the-Pyramid' economic actors (SMEs) increased speed, efficiency, and trust that the contract will be executed as agreed.


KATLAS have created a personal wallet hosted on DLT which connects clinical experts to prescribed questionnaires to access verifiable contextual data, linked to IOT, and securely and confidentially shared with AI/ML. This work has proven the functionality and scalability of BIAB and this project will allow us to scale our design and tailor it to SME's needs and tested in a representative environment.
Once commercialised, BIAB will constitute our entry to the market.


The SME sector has key challenges in digitisation and cybersecurity. Among the 39% of businesses and 26% of charities that identify breaches or attacks, 21% and 18% respectively end up losing money, data or other assets (Department for Culture, Sport & Media).

This project will enable Walmart to test multiple use cases fast and furiously for speedy ROI evaluation of multiple use cases with AI/ML plug-ins and 2 way exchange of customer contextual data to inform services.

Personalised; Predictive; Participative retail engagement for the surest, safest and most respectful patient journey in next generation Metaverse.

Key Benefits

KATLAS can support a new vision for healthcare - where patients are no longer just customers but members of a club with open global membership where useful information is discreetly shared in a 2-way exchange of value.

Problem: Population is aging and there GPs are averaging 3 days a week (down from 4), despite new figures that show just one doctor for every 2,200 patients, due to a shortfall of 50,000 doctors according to Head of the BMI.

Need: The next generation of healthcare is expected to include a greater degree of computer assisted diagnostics and care evaluation. The gateway and pathways to navigate health delivery is likely to be through certified avatars running prescribed questionnaires with gamified rewards in a virtual WEB 3.0 experience – ‘The Medaverse’.

Ethically safe and secure plumbing for gathering and storing Electronic Health Records (EHR) is immature.


Work already done: KATLAS has developed a decentralised health care system (suite of applications), disruptive and innovative technology running on, but not exclusively, the KATLAS Blockchain-in-a-box (BIAB). BIAB, TRL4 readiness brings together technologies (AI, digital and advanced computing, cryptographic controls, and DLT) to accelerate the government's ambition for UK, by focusing on digital health and social care programmes.

The patient journey (MVP): A specialist cardiovascular clinic in Barcelona, wished to further explore and develop their AI/ML engine for assisted diagnosis. They needed to show an ethically safe and secure AI-lifecycle, see ‘Creating an international approach to AI for healthcare’ (Global Digital Health Partnership/NHSx, Kassandra Karpathis). In response, KATLAS created @R2R (role-to-role) protocols operated through a patient wallet hosted on DLT that shows in sequence a patient interaction with a GP, an interaction with an AI device, an interaction with a specialist and an interaction with a pharmacy.

This work has proven the functionality and scalability of KATLAS Health for multiple use cases in health and associated supply chains.

Our platform potential: embraces quantum algorithms, using privacy-preserving technology such as cryptography to advance the state of the art in the field of Computational Integrity (CI). CI is important for privacy because it opens an alternative way of conducting a trade where negotiations are supported by trust-building processes, such as Zero-Knowledge proofs designed to give guarantees while hiding the details.

KATLAS intend to focus on how we tackle the wider challenges of reducing health inequalities, developing easy to use digital app along the same lines as the NHS App that is available to 40 million customers today, this is the ambition we have, to build resilience capability with security by design, utilising new innovative technology to improve outcomes and experience for patients, supporting care workers, and healthcare professional.

To be done: It is now necessary to engage with stakeholders to explore business use cases and inform the user journey, to ensure the app can operate on all devices (not just android), and design the front-end UX/UI and supporting protocols to readily create questionnaires, improve the storage logic, navigational aids, and simplicity of plug-in tools.

Why WALMART?: Our platform aligns with the project goals of collaboration with entrepreneurial enterprises, medical/healthcare specialists and retailers to include the shaping of a self-driven de-centralised healthcare wellbeing incubator/platform to catalyse further innovation on the path to commercial success and respond to changing market conditions and government policy.

KATLAS offer Walmart a fast-start for a presence on the Mediverse - Metaverse to engage with customers in a highly personalised and enhanced user experience with trusted avatars offering prescribed pathways that end in a healthy and more productive customers.



Our innovation is of a distinct and game-changing nature compared with current market offerings. Our route-to-market is via SME membership organisations all of whom have significant numbers of members who meet our target market profile.

KATLAS is currently part of the African and Europe trade route consortium for the IOE&IT (Institute-of-Export-&-International-Trade) and have been selected as the platform most suited for deployment to its members once market-ready.

KATLAS is delivering Measurement, Verification and Reporting tools for In Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) for Middle Eastern Oil Companies. This is a highly scalable project that offers Transporter (asset) Wallets, Driver Wallets, and a Reporting Dashboard that accesses smart contracts for bookings and compliance. This is a secure and versatile solution enabling safe cross-silo communications between assets, IOT and people.

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