Applying Nebuli’s robotic co-worker model to help teams and researchers to read through thousands of research papers, specialist datasets and reports in seconds, instead of weeks.


Nebuli's knowledge discovery platform helps teams and researchers to read through thousands of research papers, specialist datasets and reports in seconds, instead of weeks, facilitating the discovery of new interdisciplinary and interdepartmental R&D, business and market opportunities. Teams typically spend days or weeks collecting this level of information manually from research papers and their internal datasets. By applying Nebuli’s robotic co-worker model powered by the Datastack framework, teams could do it automatically within minutes.

Key Benefits

In response to the imminent COVID-19 crisis, Nebuli developed a knowledge discovery platform using its core augmented intelligence service for deep data mining and segmentation of hundreds of thousands of research papers and datasets to support teams and researchers worldwide in monitoring and dealing with future outbreaks and other unforeseen emergencies, such as political instabilities and environmental catastrophes.

Teams can apply this same model across enterprises and larger organisations for uncovering trends and the hidden world of knowledge in any given dataset, market reports, internal research reports and any other full-text data, powered by Nebuli's augmented intelligence ecosystem and the Datastack framework.

As an ecosystem, Nebuli infuses your existing workflow with robust augmented intelligence services, applying an omnichannel approach to dramatically reengineer the experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric manner through the following steps:

1) Collect and manage your various datasets from different sources through a single channel.
2) Bring together the traditionally separate services of data security, compression, modelling, segmentation, classification and knowledge discovery into the same channel.
3) Combine several other layers of your integrated services such as your software, applications, UI/UX and data security protocols within your existing workflow.


1) Decision-making:
Many enterprises simply lack the tech expertise to make informed decisions quickly. This is vital in the current climate, as by freeing up time spent on laborious tasks, augmented intelligence enables businesses to focus on creating value. It achieves this by simplifying the impossible process of extracting patterns and insights from big data pools. As a result, decision makers will benefit from new data strategies to smarter systems to full implementation of a new decision-making process.

2) Enhanced customer experience:
This is another significant source of AI-derived business value as it's also an area where there is much room for improvement. Augmented intelligence can reduce mistakes while delivering customer convenience and personalisation at scale, democratising what was previously available to the select few. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven the critical importance of customer convenience and on-demand availability of enterprise services. Augmenting this experience will take it to new levels.

Nebuli's CEO discussed the above in more detail in Information Age magazine's 2021 featured report on Augmented Intelligence:

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