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LEPHORUS® HAS HELPED INDIVIDUALS, BOARDS AND TEAMS IN MANY AREAS: Making corporate and team culture visible and manageable. Board governance and reviews Creation of new strategies and change management programmes and their implementation Innovation: eliminating silo and group thinking, enabling cross-cultural, cross-national, cross functional groups to communicate and develop trust Talent management – hiring, in-house, exit reviews Virtual teams – see later section Career stagnation, career changes, personal problems WHO HAS USED IT?: Design London (UK), Falcon & Associates (UAE), First Gulf Bank (UAE), GET (UAE), Halliburton (US), IBM (Middle East & Africa), Iprova (CH), Kuehne & Nagel (CH), Ravensbourne (UK). WHAT IS LEPHORUS®? Lephorus® is a novel methodology for communication, shared learning, decision making and implementation using visual metaphors as a rapid, efficient and effective tool.   Visual metaphors are not linked to a specific language and facilitate cross-cultural access and understanding. Lephorus® consists of a library of proprietary image sets, each selected for use in a specific individual or business situation, together with associated tried and tested workshop designs. It is is used in parallel with classical project planning tools, as it always addresses a particular individual, business or project issue. It leads to the establishment of trust and collaboration within teams, resulting in quicker solutions and more effective outcomes. LEPHORUS® - IMPROVE COMMUNICATION, EFFICIENCY AND TRUST IN VIRTUAL TEAMS The Challenge: Virtual teams struggle to perform for a variety of reasons: Relevant information is often not communicated, not listened to, or not acted upon  Culture, language, expertise and professional & organisational values vary Roles are unclear and decision-making, implementation and delegation of authority aren’t working Participants’ diverse perspectives and experience may cause conflict or even overt antagonism The Risks: Misunderstandings and miscommunications have a direct impact on the bottom line through loss of time and re-work Failure to build constructive cross-disciplinary interactions prevent potential upsides such as speedy decision making and innovation affect the top line Cultural diversity creates obstacles instead of enhancing creativity The Solution Four leadership practices can help virtual teams meet their potential: Building trust in a “safe” environment  Identifying tacit knowledge and know-how and enabling knowledge sharing Fostering a shared, adaptable and flexible vision Using visual metaphors as a methodology to remove barriers to communication LEPHORUS® WORKSHOPS for companies and teams: “Setting the fundamentals”: develop a structure for communication and operational excellence in a new virtual team “Health check”: Evaluate the efficiency and operational strength of an existing virtual team – a diagnostic tool “Start and run” a new project: define a joint vision and corresponding strategy, develop and delegate the corresponding tasks together with your team “Focus” workshop: help a virtual team that has run into difficulties, transform your team into a great team “Maintenance”: workshops at regular intervals to maintain the spirit of sharing, learning and innovation “The Goal” workshops: Intensive development of strategy and execution for a single, critical goal I’M INTERESTED IN USING LEPHORUS® WITH MY TEAM. WHAT NEXT? Contact us for an exploratory talk on how you and your team can benefit from an initial workshop. We offer a virtual demonstration for the team leader on a pre-defined business issue, in order to provide a basic understanding of Lephorus® and how it works. It is recommended to select a real-life issue, providing you with a tangible result at the end of the demonstration. WORKSHOPS set-up and requirements: Optimal team size: 6-12 Time required for a workshop: 2-3 hours Visual Metaphors at Work® will provide facilitation, tools and access to the online whiteboard The client will use their usual voice communication tool. We recommend Skype or Facetime. WHERE DOES LEPHORUS® COME FROM?  Lephorus® uses the pioneering Totemics® methodology developed by Professor Angela Dumas, which has been applied for more than twenty years at London Business School. Additional elements are derived from Professor Dumas’s work at The Design Council and the Judge Institute, Cambridge, UK researching the use of images and objects to reveal tacit knowledge and promote deeper communication in teams.  EXPERIENCE WITH LEPHORUS®: The Lephorus® methodology is applied in online workshops conducted by accredited facilitators. It promotes deep conversations in a highly interactive, fun, non-aggressive and non-confrontational way.  Lephorus® has been developed by Visual Metaphors at Work® over the last five years, and has successfully been used in European organisations, the USA and the Middle East. In the next phase Lephorus® will be offered to a limited number of virtual teams in multinational working environments.  

Key Benefits

Rapidly reveals & identifies feelings, know how, tacit knowledge and beliefs in groups and thereby helps them resolve deep and difficult problems.


Making Corporate & Team culture visible and manageable. Solving intractable problems in organisations.

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