They specialise in bringing a multi-projection experience in HD quality pictures, with digital technology and interactive systems of masterpieces of the art world, in one location.


Mirandola specialises in bringing to its audiences a multi-projection experience in HD quality pictures, thanks to digital technology and interactive systems of masterpieces of the art world, in one location. No longer do you have to visit numerous galleries to see the collections. Mirandola now has the ability to bring leading digital art exhibitions to consumers, within a broad space and under one roof.

All art from the Great Masters can now be made to look as good as the original by using digital photography combined with 3D imaging and light. This combined with music and a totally different environment from a normal gallery enables Mirandola’s intended audiences to experience what they simply could not do in all the wonderful galleries around the world.

Visitors no longer need to visit each country to gain an insight into each Master as Mirandola will be located in the main cities of the UK, Europe, America and across the world as their extensive program is introduced.

Touch Screen Platform Cloud Technology

The entire heritage of the Gallery (over 1,150 artworks) is accessible not only in person but also as a Cloud application. Once you have selected the artwork you are interested in, the Touch Screen Platform allows you to visualize every detail and catch each brushstroke thanks to XL image technology.

Exclusive Application

In the mobile area, Mirandola has invested in developing a new product, focused on providing a location-aware experience on mobile devices. The product is both an app (iOS/Android) and a Cloud platform integrating XL image, XL knowledge, a Media Repository and Big Data. The application is a two-sided product, devoted to providing a better experience and opportunities to the public whether outdoors or in, using multiple positioning and tagging technologies.

Visual Features

A multi-projection immersive area designed for the visual experience of the digitized masterpieces, animations and music. An interactive area, equipped with Touch Screen platform in various formats.

Key Benefits

Mirandola estimate a return of 7.5% p.a. either by way of loan notes or, as a preference, Share Capital (in either, Redeemable Preference Shares dated in 3, 4 or 5 year, with a ROC of 30%, 40% and 50% or into Ordinary Shares with an exit route agreed if wanted).

The model assumes Mirandola will launch a show 3 months after establishing the location and exhibition space. On opening, Mirandola will then run 7 shows a day which repeat every 40 minutes. They will average 200 people per show with an average ticket price of £20. The set up costs will need to include the IPR licenses which, although agreed for use by Mirandola, have to still be paid for in order to retain exclusivity. Cost for UK & USA total £ 375,000.

The model is based on experience of shows it has organised in South America and the plans being finalised for the USA.

Mirandola will also need to acquire equipment, which for the 6 shows will cost £ 1.8m. There is, however, a possibility that the equipment could purchase on finance terms or rented for the first show.


There is pent up demand for going out following the Pandemic. From 21 June Mirandola expect the idea of an experience for the whole family will come in two waves. Firstly, wave one will be for the domestic market which will last for the whole of 2021. Secondly, Mirandola are deliberately picking their locations around the UK, in major cities that are frequented by travellers, in order to take advantage of what they foresee as the second wave. Once international travel kicks off, around the start of 2022, Mirandola predict that visitors will be looking to do anything that is new and different.

On the supply side Mirandola will be looking for large spaces which are in ready supply such as shopping centres and ex department stores. Space owners will be keen to explore alternative and interesting non retail uses for these spaces that can create footfall.

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