Mobile Magic

Turning your phone into a magic wand!

Simultaneously increase convenience and security for digital customer journeys.


Our mission is to help you to make any of your customer journeys become instant and engaging via the web or any mobile app.  Our platform connects and automates everything, making any time consuming or onerous processes invisible or simple for your customers. The customer journey and experience is limited only by your imagination and budget.  We are especially good at mobile interaction with the physical world. The heart of what we do is also to ensure your digital customer journeys are not only highly usable and simple, but also very secure and compliant. Traditionally, security and usability have been polar opposites; and this is still true for our competitors. Security is driven by the risks of cyberthreats and compliance, usability by the desire to fully engage with your customers, beautifully and simply. With our patented processes it becomes possible to achieve both world class security and brilliant usability at the same time. Plus (as we provide a platform, mobile and web development toolkits) we, you, your outsourced integrator or agency can build anything, quickly and easily – safe in the knowledge it’s also compliant and secure.   Our platform (Onescan) and patented processes handle all of the heavy lifting. This reduces your risk, cost, compliance overheads and time-to-market. For example we deployed an award-winning solution for Sabre in just six weeks. We also connected it to an interactive video for showcasing internally and presentation on a global tour. It received more press and interest than Amazon solutions showcased at the same events.  Our platform is designed to allow the rapid connection of any and all systems needed in your customer journeys. This includes but is not limited to identity, payments, loyalty, marketing and commerce platforms. This lets you automate processes making the customer experience simple and quick. Finally we enable the compliant & secure delivery of your beautifully crafted consumer journey to apps or mobile web via our mobile development kit or off-the-shelf web applications. We are a multi-award-wining company. This includes: “Best Software Solution” at the Mobile Industry Awards and a highly competitive Horizon 2020 Phase 2 grant for innovation of €500k. As our solution is patented globally you can’t get it elsewhere and we are able to grant periods of exclusivity if your budget permits. Our customers include Sabre, Panasonic and airports. We are currently working more in travel & leisure industry and have initial interest from a number of airlines.  The hardest choice for our customers is usually what to do first and we can help with that too, via our Surestart program – 6 weeks from ideation to digital MLP (Minimum Loveable Product).  

Key Benefits

Simple, fast, secure interactions. On-board, identify, background check, login, shop, pay and authorise your customer via their mobile. Uses patented "omnichannel" instant interaction triggers; visual, sound, RFID, NFC and typed codes. Deploy in weeks rather than years with security, compliance, quick integration and a great user experience out-of-the-box.


Applications are limited only by imagination, supporting business case and budget. Typically we deploy: instant purchase, payment, login and real-time on-boarding solutions. You can view resources here:!resources (Worldpay are one of our key partners).

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