Our marine microbial library counts for more than 80.000 different strains able to produce thousands of subtances, including colorful compounds.


Biomar Microbial Technologies has more than 25 years of experience in successfully develop microbial solutions to different industries. Among these years we have targeted and successfully discover dozens of substances of industrial interest.
Microorganisms are well known for producing colouring substances, degradable and sustainable, that can be explore for textile applications. We have performed preliminary studies looking for food colouring, but our vaste strain library has never been explore for textile dyes.

Key Benefits

Our expertise in developing R&D programs is outstanding, we are proud to collaborate with top companies in the fields of agriculture, human and animal health. Besides de R&D capacity, we also count with the facilities needed to upscale the fermentation and purification process to Pilot scale. This valuable expertise and facilities are key to rapidly determine the feasibility and rentability of the project.


Natural colours are applicable to different industries, based on their chemistry nature, characteristics and stability. We consider that they could be especially useful for textile industry.
However, we are experts in marine microbiology and natural products chemistry, and that is why we like to work experts in the application field to define targets, characteristics of product, red flags, etc. This way, we will have the knownledge neccessary to design a truly successful project.

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