Occuity have developed a non-contacting technologythat is able to accurately detect changes in the eye and thereby derive information not only about a patient’s ocular health


Occuity is set to revolutionise the way in which some of the world’s most prevalent chronic diseases are detected and managed. Our devices work by safely shining a low power beam of light into the eye, collecting and analysing the return signal. They are unlike anything else currently on the market.

Occuity have developed a novel, globally patented (9 granted, 3 pending, 2 awaiting submission) non-contacting technology that is able to accurately detect changes in the eye and thereby derive information not only about a patient’s ocular health, but also about their broader wellbeing, particularly where this relates to chronic, life changing conditions.

Occuity is developing its disruptive technology into a range of handheld devices aimed at some of the major health challenges of our time such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the size of the market, we are particularly interested in addressing diabetes by developing products that will enable earlier diagnosis of the condition and deliver non-contacting, pain-free glucose monitoring.

Key Benefits

Although pre-revenue, negotiations with distributors are well in hand for the ophthalmology devices with the first major Letter of Intent received for 4000 pachymeters (500 in Year 1) and several distribution agreements expected to be signed in early 2021. These agreements underpin the sales forecasts that form the basis of this investment round.

Occuity has also engaged with a number of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) within the ophthalmology field to assess the use of the Occuity Pachymeter in their chosen area and the results of this work should feed through later in 2021. In respect to the Occuity Indigo Glucose Meter, the company is engaging via social media with the global diabetes community and have attracted around 7,000 people in just a few weeks who are interested in learning more about the future Occuity glucose screening and monitoring devices as well as participating in future studies and possible investment.


Pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals, hospitals, ophthalmology companies.

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