Shaparency‘s intuitive & cost effective SaaS platform transforms the way companies manage their board processes. Shaparency saves companies time & money, and improves governance.


Shaparency provides an integrated digital ecosystem through which companies can efficiently and securely manage their board and governance related processes. The platform enables users to prepare and run secure, paper-free board meetings, including minutes, voting, electronic document-signing, and secure document storage. Shaparency’s platform enables companies – from SMEs and charities to professional services firms – to increase efficiency, save time and money, and improve transparency and governance.

Key Benefits

-Shaparency was created to provide a cost-effective digital solution to the whole board management process, directly addressing the inefficient and costly manual-driven processes prevailing within most boards around the world.
- Shaparency’s digital board and governance ecosystem provides a transparent platform through which board and shareholder-related tasks can be completed more securely, efficiently and cost- effectively.
- Companies that utilise Shaparency’s digital platform generate a positive environmental impact though significantly reduced use of paper.


- Initial target customer verticals include Not-for-Profits, SMEs, VC/PE firms, Professional Services firms and Clubs/Associations.
- Shaparency offers monthly and annual subscriptions, which typically have a high recurrence rate, thereby providing strong revenue visibility.
- The large, and growing, market for board software is significantly under-penetrated and poorly served by enterprise software solutions that are cost-prohibitive to the broader market.
- Shaparency is ideally positioned to disrupt this substantial addressable global market.

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