Quick Cloudifier -

Putting legacy applications on the Cloud. Fast. Easy.

V-Streamer instantly enables legacy apps to be accessed on the cloud, without any re-coding. Load V-Streamer onto your current app server and run instantly. No-risk tests available


We offer a unique, patent-pending remote-access capability that allows any Windows or Linux application to be installed and accessed on the cloud, the same day. Some apps are being "re-written for the cloud", which can take several months and can also cost several hundred thousand pounds. Our unique application allows the transformation within hours with no upfront cost. If it doesn't work, you don't pay. Our latency is so extraordinarily low that you could easily get BETTER performance. Please see our website for more details.

Key Benefits

Instantly cloud-enable large, complex applications for easy remote use. Ultra-low latency means that we can deliver apps like Business Information and CAD remotely on any endpoint, securely and without violating compliance laws.


Our patented low-latency technology means that we are best suited to the areas other companies can't reach - Research environments, CAD, BI, Healthcare, etc. - any large, complex legacy application that traditionally requires a local login to a very large server / database environment, where security and compliance are key.

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