Reloadly has released a new plugin that can be integrated into any website, which allows merchant to get access to Reloadly's international marketplace in less than 10 minutes


Reloadly provides a plugin that delivers its core use cases of making top-ups and purchasing gift cards without having to integrate code extensively.

With the no-code plugin, you can copy a few lines of HTML boilerplate code, paste them alongside the client-side code of your existing web application, and get a chatbot-like modal on your application. Through this, anyone can visit your website, make airtime and data top-ups, and order gift cards as well while paying for these services with their credit card and other payment methods.

Key Benefits

Allow the retail customers to have access to 800+ mobile operators products (recharge, data pack and more), in addition to a wide variety of prepaid vouchers for 4000+ brands such as Apple, Goole Play, Gaming and Shopping vouchers.
On the other hand, it allows business from all sizes to expand their revenues by opening a door to an international marketplace via "no-code" solution.


E-commerce websites, mobile applications, retail stores, point of sales. In general, any retail that has a computer, web browser and access to internet.

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