S.R.I- Spiral Ring Interchange

Getting here is on you! Getting in is on us! Park & Ride strait into the airport

[1] S.R.I: Spiral Ring Interchange - most efficient complete system highway interchange. [2] C.P.R.S: Complete Park & Ride System, located inside interchanges such as S.R.I


SRI is a startup that has been tackling two main reasons for the congestion epidemic: Inefficient traffic and the search for parking. These problems cause staggering costs worldwide, with Britain alone wasting 23.3 billion pounds and almost 1.4 billion hours every year. We offer two innovative, infrastructure-oriented solutions, which can be complementary: Spiral Ring Interchange (S.R.I): the most efficient complete-system highway interchange, offering the best ratio of land-use/capacity/costs, and which can also be built in urban areas previously considered too small for interchanges. Complete Park & Ride System (C.P.R.S): an efficient, land saving, user-friendly system which includes parking, public transportation services and safe pedestrian accessibility, designed to be located on highways, at intersections and junctions, and within the trapped areas of interchanges such as the S.R.I. For passengers, a car may be the easiest way to leave home, but the worst way to enter the airport. An S.R.I & C.P.R.S located at the outskirts of the airport would stop cars already at the highway interchange and enable passengers to transfer to a train or bus. This would mean less traffic jams, less congestion, and no need to search for parking. for any further details: https://www.spiral-ring-interchange.com/

Key Benefits

1. Substantial geometrical advantages of an S.R.I & C.P.R.S complex over contemporary interchanges: [1] The ratio between size, speed and capacity of the traffic passing through the interchange; and [2] The option of parking thousands of cars and operating a public transportation hub in trapped areas of the interchange. 2. The startup has a potential of saving Billions of $ by reducing gas emissions, wasted time of congestion and park search, and by saving substantial real-estate (in every single location). 3. The technology is flexible and can be adopted in a great variety of road intersections. 4. The technology fits future trends of Smart Mobility & Mobility as a Service, by giving fleets [1] a meeting point to pick & drop passengers, and [2] a night service area for charging, cleaning, maintenance ext. 5. S.R.I is patented in USA, Australia and Singapore, and in pending in India & Israel. C.P.R.S is registered as provisional in the USPTO, and in PCT process in the WIPO. 6. S.R.I & C.P.R.S are acknowledged by Israeli authorities (Netivey Israel; Netivey Ayalon) and are under examination for POC. 7. Startup was part of Masschallenge 2018 Jerusalem cohort.


S.R.I & C.P.R.S are applicable at the outskirts of any city which faces congestion, especially related to commuting. Usually it would serve city centers and employment area, but in this case - it would serve an airport! For example parking lots could serve long-term parking, because they can be cheaper than the ones close to the airport (which usually serve for short-term Pick & Drop).

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