Desktop Virtualization App

V-Streamer - transfer information, never data

V-Streamer is an application that you install on your current server to make information available anywhere, securely and with zero data transfer.


V-Streamer enables fast, efficient and secure remote access to any legacy/desktop/enterprise environment from an HTML5 browser. By replacing Client-Server technology with Browser-Server capability, V-Streamer delivers INFORMATION with ZERO DATA TRANSFER, improving endpoint SECURITY and satisfying geographical COMPLIANCE regulations, simultaneously reducing ENDPOINT, STORAGE and BANDWIDTH requirements.

Key Benefits

IMPROVE : - Data Security - Threat protection - Geographical Compliance - User Experience - User efficiency REDUCE : - Risk of Viruses - Risk of being hacked - Risk of lost data with endpoint - Cost of endpoints - Network costs - Storage costs - Maintenance and support


V-Streamer delivers an at-desk experience, from anywhere. Most useful for large workloads, with complex applications, multiple databases, etc. V-Streamer can almost cloud-enable BI or CAD programmes, enabling easy, fast remote access to large systems, our largest clients are Cloud Service Providers and Universities. Can make almost any application remotely available, our biggest clients are Cloud Service Providers and Geological Analysis on the cloud.

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