Setami is a fermentation product with an excellent nutrition profile: high protein content, excellent aminoacids profile and high content in betaglucans.


Setami is a biotransformation product obtained by liquid fermentation of an edible mushroom. The process can be carried out from different by-products of the Food Industry and therefore contribute to circular economy.
The product obtained has an high content of protein (over 40%), low fat (less than 3%) and sugars (less than 2.5%) and high content of betaglucans (39%). In addition, the aminoacid profile is improved when compared with the mushroom.
Setami is a product that can be used fresh or lyophilized as a source of protein and betaglucans. It is suitable for human and animal consumption.

Key Benefits

Setami is produced from an edible mushroom, therefore it is a totally natural and safe source of proteins and betaglucans.

Since it can be fermented from Food Industry by-products such as bread crust, brewers' spent grain, etc., it may add value and solutions to current waste management issues.

The production of Setami does only generate rapidly biodegradable and compostable waste. Since it is a fermentation process, it is highly controlled, reproducible and efficient.


Setami can be used directly as a dietary supplement in elder population supplying the daily protein needs.

It can also be added as an ingredient to other processed goods, such as bread, muffin or even protein shakes for athletes.

Along with human consumption, Setami can be also incorporated to Animal Feed Products to improve the protein and aminoacids content

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