A new way to open and close things.

A patented mechanism that makes packaging child-resistant and one-hand operable.


SnapSlide is a patented mechanism, which creates packaging that is child-resistant and can be operated with one hand. SnapSlide packages have additional user and economic benefits, from adapting to physical abilities to volumetric efficiency and extreme shipping durability.

Key Benefits

Child-resistance. One-hand operation. Shipping durability. Design flexibility. Resource efficiency.


The SnapSlide mechanism was designed to be FLEXIBLE and to be applied in all areas of packaging. SnapSlide medical applications can have a profound impact on adherence for users with physical limitations, at the same time being convenient for the general population. From increasing shipping durability on a bottle of Shampoo to creating a regulated flow of Cat Litter or Rock Salt, SnapSlide household applications have significant user and economic benefits. SnapSlide creates adaptive packaging, with the ability to prioritize specific attributes depending on the application.

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