SpatialXL is an Excel mapping and spatial analytics tool. SpatialXL works seamlessly with 2D or 3D data. Data can be mapped directly from a worksheet and a live link is maintained


SpatialXL is an add-in to Microsoft Excel which adds full spatial functionality and intelligence to Excel, enables a direct link between client tables and maps, and enables users to quickly & easily create and share their own maps.

Our typical users are anyone who needs to visually display their data on maps, do spatial analysis & reporting, or create & share their own maps, all within the familiar easy to use Excel environment. Our users typically have Microsoft Excel experience and have advanced, limited or no prior mapping software experience.

Key Benefits

SpatialXL is highly beneficial for clients who are comfortable working in an Excel environment, and don’t have formal training in GIS. Even those with formal training, simpler and faster way to work.
SpatialXL integrates seamlessly between various datasets.
It has the capability to import & reference client specific data such as customer data – locations, values, and link directly to external datasets such as population demographics and others and even directly to databases. There are instant map updates as data is added or changed, filtered or queried.
SpatialXL is simple and easy to use.
SpatialXL is a fully fledged GIS product which offers heat mapping, spatial analysis, thematics, routing and a lot more, but is still simple enough for any user to manipulate.


Take your Business Intelligence to the next level. Utilizing our Spatial BI products you will be able to achieve excellent results in a quarter the time it would normally take. Our solutions are not only cost effective but also user friendly – for the novice & the professional user​.

For Business Analysts this is must. Clients are consistently making better decisions, reducing costs and increasing profitability. Our solutions handle successfully the following areas:

Mapping and Theming.
Spatial Analytics.
Demographics data and other datasets.
Gap analysis and finding opportunities.
Efficient planning, route optimization and territory planning.
Reporting in a fraction of the time.

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