Stress Free Simplicity

Getting data, fulfilling desires

Travellers can be like ghosts passing through your airport. We help you to know who they are, what they want and enable you to satisfy their needs in an easy, stress-free way.


We live in the age of impatience. Everyone want everything now. As a consequence your revenues, customer satisfaction and repeat business will all suffer unless you can deliver on this. This is compounded by ever increasing security and fraud risks. These result in tighter regulations which have the potential to destroy a good customer experience. For travel, especially airports, this can be even worse as you often do not know who is passing through your terminal, unless they chose to interact. Ensygnia provides a system that allows them to quickly and easily interact with anything. And we mean anything. It can be physical (like a sign, poster, leaflet or even a t-shirt) or digital (screens, point of sale, website, email, sms, hatbox, social media). These lists are not meant to be exhaustive. Interaction is limited only by you imagination, business case and budget. Our role is to seamlessly tie everything together. From your concessions systems to your own. From cloud systems to internal. Your travellers receive a beautiful stress-free method of interaction and purchasing. You get the data you need and the transactions you want. All routed seamlessly and supporting existing payment processing arrangements as well as new ones.

Key Benefits

Traveller cease to be ghosts. Know who they are, what they want and allow them to complete transactions and purchases simply and easily in seconds. Rapid deployment and testing of new ideas. Lower cost of deployment, support and change. Full compliance out-of-the-box. All the data you can eat.


We are focussed on guest and traveller experiences for the hospitality and travel industry. We have other solutions for retail.

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